No Time started out as a jam band in a basement in Randolph, NJ.  The premise of the band was always to play good music and have fun....Usually with beer available to enhance the fun part.  After about a year of jamming and playing Friday nights about once a month, we were asked to play for a block party.  While our first gig was a little rough, we played some good music and we did have fun.  For our first gig the band included; Chris Gish (singer), Gerry Papetti (drummer), Brian Drucks (now with the Brian Drux Project), Dan Utberg and myself.  That was September 13, 2010. For our first party we called ourselves "Better than Tail"....A long story.


The band continued to play through the winter and the next summer we were asked to play for another summer party in August of 2011....Not exactly a steady working band at this point, but we were all dads with families and work, etc.  We sounded much better than our block party gig and some of us starting to think we might be able to do this in "public." 


The next year became a series of starts and stops.  Dan Utberg, one of our guitarists (he could make you weep playing some Zeppelin...riffs) told us he was not into playing out.  That left a big void that took several months and many "try-outs" to fill. We finally found Alan Taran, a local guitar player who played with several other projects, but thought he had time to work with us.  Our idea was only to play out about once a month.  With Alan on board, we went to work finalizing our set list to "play out."  Our plan was to use a party at Chris' house (our singer) as a dress rehearsal.

We played Chris' party in September of 2012, with a new name Ambrose of Milan.  While the gig went well, that party also became a reality check for the band.  Brian Drucks, who had been our musical leader, decided he wanted to turn his music energy toward his original music.  Brian has now created the Brian Drucks Project and his musical time is spent writing and producing original material.  At the same time Brian decided to leave, Alan Taran was also feeling the strain of working multiple projects, so he decided to bow out as well. 


So with our original nucleolus of Chris, Gerry and me, we continue to add new musicians from time to time.   When Bob Shaw joined the band we also had a chance to add a keyboard, as Grace Shaw, Bob's wife, plays keys and bass.  And at this point we've landed on what we think will be our final name...No Time.  Between trying to mesh work, family and play...No Time seemed like a good choice.  We played with this configuration until Januray 2016, when Bob and Grace's need for life balance between family and work necessitated a change.  Fortunately we were introduced to a great guitar player named Phil Galiardo, who rounde out our cuurent band with Chris Gish (vocals), Gerry Papetti (drums), Bob Franchini (guitar) Phil (guitar, vocals) , and me (bass, keys, Acoustic Guitar).


I hope you enjoy the show....


Dave Berlin


P.s. - I saw a great cartoon recently that our families can certainly relate to.......


A son says to his mother; "Mommy...When I grow up I want to be a muscian."


The mother responds..."Jonny, you'll have to decide, you can't do both."